Boudoir Photography



boudoir sessions under our belt and counting…

Boudoir photography at Feminine Studios is an empowering form of photography created for women to embrace their inner beauty while feeling sexy and like an A-list celebrity on a sexy photoshoot set!

Sexy Boudoir Close-Up

The best thing about Boudoir, is that you make it your own! Boudoir, French for bedroom, means something entirely different to each woman. The bedroom is a sacred place for what makes her comfortable and what makes her feel sexy; what makes you, you. Whether it be in a beautiful dress, sexy lingerie, sexy costume or jumpsuit pajamas!

Boudoir is for no one else but you! And of course after you gift a session to yourself, you can share your exhilarating experience with your significant other through a gift of treasured images.

Our style of boudoir photography at Feminine is editorial or magazine-esque and, with over 780 boudoir sessions to date under our belt, we make sure that your photos look like they’re straight out of a magazine such as Cosmopolitan, Maxim, or Sports Illustrated! Our expertise in advanced lighting & editing techniques as well as skilled direction allow us to achieve this kind of high-quality photography that you won’t find anywhere else. At Feminine Studios, you don’t have to be a supermodel in order to look like one, since we guide and direct you through the entire process! We know exactly what works for each body type and will make sure you look like a Hollywood Bombshell!


All the gorgeous women in our portfolio are everyday women and have given us permission to use their photos to encourage other women to do boudoir! We don’t post any client photos unless given their explicit written consent, and we make it clear to our clients as to what rights they give us.

Boudoir is what you make it

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