New Studio Location Opening & Rumors

08 Oct 2013, Posted by Lizette in House Keeping

New Boudoir Studio Location and Company News

Feminine-Studios-LogoThat’s right ladies! Feminine Studios Colorado division is happy to announce a new partnership bringing on two amazing ladies, Stephanie Mason and Mandy Mindykowski, whom are extremely passionate in allowing women to embrace their true beauty and having it shine on set! I couldn’t be more excited to work with these incredible women, as we blanket the state with our new boudoir innovations and services in the Colorado Springs area.

Feminine Studios Colorado Springs will be moving to a new studio location off of Nevada making the studio more conveniently located in central Colorado Springs. The new studio location will be available to shoot at starting mid-October and will include up to 15 set options to choose from with several all-new set design offerings! If you thought it was hard to decide on a set choice before at our current studio, you’re going to have a candy shop of an experience choosing now!

Feminine Studios will also soon be launching branches on the east and west coast in 2 major cities in the coming months. We couldn’t be happier to begin this incredible journey of spreading our unique style and vision for boudoir photography coast-to-coast!

Rumors, Rumors are No Fun…

rumors-are-no-funI’ve been informed by several of our faithful clients, that there have been horrible rumors spreading around town, regarding our studio closing up shop for good. When I heard this I didn’t know how to react, as I was out of state beginning work on our new company expansion when I heard this. I tried to put it aside, because as any women can relate, this business is like my baby and something I care about so dearly.

So being proactive instead of reactive, I continued to do what needed to be done in order to make our new ventures and studio happen, so that we can continue spreading our passion for empowering women and their beauty from the inside out through the springs area!

However, this rumor made me really think about the impact we’ve had on this town, in such a short amount of time. Feminine Studios launched in March of 2012 in a very tiny basement studio and from the day it opened, it was a success! Causing us to expand into a space well over 2x the size of our first studio in only a matter of months, it is that kind of success that comes with great trials and tribulations — which includes such things as having to brace ourselves for false rumors and gossip.

Having shot with almost 500 women in the area, we are just so happy to know that we have an army of faithful friends and followers. Our studio is obviously not closing, we’re simply moving to a new location.

Okay, I’ll be honest, we will be closed for about a week in order to move to the new space, so yes there is a very small amount of truth to this rumor ;-). But just like a game of Telephone, it was completely taken out of proportion.

So we want to ensure you, we’re not going anywhere ladies, we’re just getting started!

Book your session today and enjoy the new amenities and offerings our new boudoir studio will have to offer in the coming weeks.

  • Becky NeSmith

    I’m new to the area since May and I’m a cosmetologist that absolutely loves this era of sensuality. If you need any help to do anything please let me know. It’s right up my alley! Love it keep up the great work! Thanks so much


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