Your Experience

arrive at feminine studios

When you come to our fabulous secluded studio, you will be given the star treatment and greeted by the Feminine Studios team. You will be offered a refreshing beverage and we will lead you to your VIP Lounge where! If your session comes with make-up and/or hair services you will be led over to our beautiful vanity and glamour room where you will then be dolled up by one of our make-up/hair stylists, our lovely and talented makeup artists and hair stylists!


Before being ushered off to hair and makeup, you will be led to your VIP Lounge and sit down with a Feminine Studios team member, to go over your session & shoot-style. You will then be given a studio tour of our studio and set choices. Afterwhich, you and a member will decide on outfit choices and set options.


After your outfit and set choices have been made you will then be led to the Hair and Make-up room. While indulging in our professional hair and make-up services, you will also be given a mini tutorial on how to do your own makeup the way it will be done for your shoot — so that you can go home and replicate it yourself! We want you to look like a celebrity and feel sexy once your makeup is complete, and to learn something new, as well!

your colorado springs boudoir

Lights, Camera, Action! Now, it’s time for your editorial boudoir photo or boudoir video shoot! Your shoot length will depend on the amount of sets that are in your chosen package; so you will be on set with us from anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours! We recommend that you select a boudoir package with 2 or more sets and outfit changes because this will guarantee that your photos are diverse and will give you a variety of different styles to choose from once the shoot is complete!

This is your time to experience what it’s like to be on a professional set and receive the Ultimate Hollywood Experience, all while discovering a sexy new you!


Our shoot experience is designed to make you as comfortable as possible while allowing you to experience what it’s like to be on a professional “hot set”! Our photographer has years of experience in high-fashion photography and modeling and will show you exactly how to pose so that you look like a hollywood supermodel straight out of a magazine!

Once your hollywood boudoir photo shoot is complete, we will have you leave for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours (depending on your shoot length). Feel free to use this time to grab some lunch or go upstairs and lounge with a cup-o-joe in our neighbored coffee house. When you return, it will be time for your Boudoir Premiere where you can view all of your images! Your photographer will sit with you to help you choose your favorite images from your session! At this time, you’ll be able to choose your photos and any additional products that you would like from our add-on menu, including boutique packaged professional prints (these are ordered from a professional out-of-state lab so your photos will look and feel professional), high-end albums, canvas/wall art (can be hung in a walk in closet!) and much more!

For Boudoir Video Shoots:
If you just shot a boudoir video and photos, you will meet with your photographer after your break time to review your boudoir photos and add any video items that did not come with your package. This may include a custom DVD cover resembling a Hollywood blockbuster movie DVD cover — including custom title and tagline — with one of your boudoir photos that you’ve chosen from your session as the main image. Or you can add a DVD slideshow of your images that will play after your boudoir video! Your boudoir video will be edited to cinematic perfection and ready for viewing and pick up in about 1-2 weeks (depending on the length of your film)!

You’ve chosen your must-have images, now it’s time for us to fulfill your order! Any images within your order will receive magazine-esque skin-smoothing/airbrushing for a smooth and professional look and finish. Our airbrushing is magazine-inspired so don’t worry, we will NOT make you look like a plastic barbie doll! The airbrushing will be undetectable and will make you look supermodel-smooth!

If you order digital images, you will receive your files via email in 1-2 weeks after your session (turn-around time will depend on the amount of photos within your order)! If you ordered an album or prints, please allow approximately 2 weeks for in-studio pick up (turn-around time may vary depending on the products that you have ordered).

We’re so proud of you! You come out of your boudoir session feeling like a glamourous star, all while learning a thing or two and embracing your true-self! That’s what boudoir is about! You did it! It wasn’t so scary, now was it!?

It’s time for you to go home, relax and feel sexy!

You can now replicate your sexy makeup that you learned at your shoot on your own and re-enact some of the sexy poses you learned while in your session!

You’re a Hollywood Boudoir Star now! Can we have your autograph? That’s our term for Boudoir Client Testimonials.