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Favorite Team Phrase: “Super Cute!”

Lizette Gagne


Founder & Director

Starting out at a young age, Lizette Gagné, a native south-floridian, has been a freelance/fashion photographer for 8+ years and has shot over 600 boudoir sessions to date. She has also been in the video production field for over 12 years studying camera work, directing and acting. Her other skills include Web/Graphic Design (she designed and hand-coded!), Make-up Artistry (5+ Years) and Drawing. She has worked on over 50 productions with companies such as Def Jam Records and music artists, including Big Sean on his music video “Watcha Doin'” — in which she did all of the creative Make-up Artistry. She has a passion for videography, photography and all aspects of production which is why she loves what she does and takes a lot of pride in the work that she produces.

Experience highlights:

– Make-up artistry for Billboard Charts Artist Big Sean’s Music Video “Watcha’ Doin'”

Lizette Gagné and Big Sean on the Set of Music Video Watcha Doin

Lizette Gagné and Big Sean on the Set of Music Video Watcha Doin

– Shot over 600 boudoir sessions to date

– Worked at Clear Channel Communications for on-air personality Mobile Mike – Videographer/Editor for Mobile Mike TV

– Bachelor Party 2: Last Temptation – 20th Century Fox Feature Film – Background Talent

– Served as Director, Writer, Editor, Actor to an Award-Winning Independent Music Video

– Served as Assistant Director & Co-editor to Award-Winning Independent Film

– Worked as Freelance High-Fashion and Modeling Photographer for 8+ years

– Graphic and Web Design Artist — Expert Level User in Photoshop

– Anchor throughout Middle and High School for School News – Produced, Wrote, Directed and anchored in various news segments for the school’s news channel.

– Attended the University Center For the Performing Arts from 1995-2003 – Attended Child, Teen and Adult Acting enrichment classes. Learned the fundamentals of Acting, learned to take direction, direct actors, lead, support others, and perform on stage as well as for film.

Because of her extensive background in Film and TV production, she is able to bring visions to life and capture them in a truly unique and creative way. This film and production skill-set is what she has used over the years to develop her own unique style of photography which has a distinct cinematic-inspired feel and magazine-like production value.

This is what sets her apart and makes her style and vision truly unique. We hope that you decide to endeavor in the Ultimate Hollywood Boudoir Experience with her! She will treat you exactly like a star, because she knows first-hand how a star is treated on set!

Lizette’s Favorite Treat: I have 2: Carmel & Toffee Nut Latte with whipped creme and carmel drizzle from Starbucks And various flavors of Homemade Fudge — she creates Feminine’s Feminine Fudge found in unique flavors such as “I’m too sexy for this fudge”, “Falling in Fudge” & “Fudgegasim”. This Fudge can only be found at Feminine Studios! So drop in for a bite of the only fudge hand-crafted to instantly make you feel incredible!

You can find her on Instagram, instagraming it up @thecameragirl or on Twitter at @lizettegagne!

Feminine Mascot

Feminine Boudoir Studio Mascot

Betty Rose

Betty Rose is a cartoon pin-up star exclusively signed to represent Feminine Studios. She believes in our mission and what we stand for here at Feminine and is dedicated to spreading the word about our brand with her iconic face and mysterious black rose; which has a meaning all its own. Her black flower represents inner beauty, mystery, discovering the unknown, sexiness, elegance and femininity. When you visit our Colorado Springs boudoir studio, you will see all of the Feminine girls wearing their black flowers proudly, representing those qualities thanks to the inspiration of Betty Rose.