Why Choose Us

The Feminine team is an all-female staff trained to make you feel comfortable and sexy throughout your entire boudoir experience. Our photographer shoots strictly boudoir photography. She doesn’t shoot weddings. She doesn’t shoot babies (although they’re so cute!). Our specialty and niche is boudoir and because of this we are able to exercise expertise in the boudoir photography field with our photographs, techniques and posing all geared towards an editorial-boudoir photography experience. Our goal is to help women discover a sexy new self while realizing that they don’t have to be a supermodel or hollywood star to look or feel sexy. And we provide all of this at an affordable price so that money is not a set back in order for you to discover your inner feminine side.

Our mission is to make every women who comes in for one of our boudoir photo or boudoir video sessions feel sexy and look just like a sexy hollywood star straight out of a magazine or blockbuster film! We want to provide you, our client (you’re a celebrity in our eyes!), with a high-quality, yet affordable boudoir experience, because you owe it to yourself to feel sexy and celebrity-esque for a day without breaking the bank!

We’ve all flipped through popular magazines seeing sexy supermodels and actresses galore and immediately thinking to ourselves, “I wish I could look like that!”

Well Feminine Studios is the only Boudoir Studio that makes your wishes of becoming, looking and feeling like a glamourous supermodel or sexy actress for a day, a reality — no experience necessary!

We’re all gorgeous no matter what society tries to fool us into thinking and we want to prove that to every women that steps through our doors! You too can look like a beautiful star and also learn how to be and look sexy in the process. There are tricks to looking like the celebrities we fond over on a daily basis and we’re here to teach you them! You’ll learn how to apply the make-up done for your shoot as well as learn sexy poses that you can re-enact at home to instantly inject a bit of sexy in your day!

Join us at Feminine for the Ultimate Hollywood Boudoir Experience and indulge in an editorial-style boudoir photo session or cinematic boudoir video shoot and the many girly amenities that we have to offer during your session to give you the star-treatment.

And, after you’ve been turned into a sexy star here at Feminine, we’ll be asking this one simple question:

Can we have your autograph!?

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