Boudoir Videography

Sexy Boudoir Videos in Colorado springs, CO  & Fort Lauderdale, FLA Boudoir video, offered only by Feminine Studios, allows a woman to embrace her femininity and capture that experience in motion! All while feeling like an A-list celebrity! We’re proud to be the one-and-only boudoir studio to offer classy cinematic boudoir videos.

Who’s never wanted to be the star of their own Victoria Secret style commercial? Or have you ever wondered how Megan Foxx feels while she’s on-set of a Hollywood blockbuster? We make that dream a reality here and give you the Ultimate Hollywood Experience. We’re casting you to be the star of an upcoming Hollywood Box Office Hit! The only difference with this flick is that only you — and your significant other, if you have one — will be invited to its premier!

Boudoir videos offer you the chance to be a star in your own mini-feature from start to finish and once you’ve felt like a star at Feminine, you can watch your sexy premier by yourself or with your significant other!

Don’t get shy; you don’t have to know how to act in order to star in one of our boudoir video sessions! We coach you through your entire experience and you will be directed by a professional female director/camera operator with over 10 years of experience.

When you come to Feminine Studios, you don’t just feel like a star, you are the star!

So get ready ladies because things are about to get Hollywood!

Boudoir Video: Foxy, Foxy

Boudoir Video: Kick Back Sexy

Boudoir Video: Brittany’s Feeling Good

Boudoir Video Pricing Colorado springs, CO & Fort Lauderdale, FL

To ensure that you have an Ultimate viewing experience, be sure to let the videos load before watching, if you have a slower connection. Also, make sure your speakers are turned up!