Boudoir Video and Photo Session FAQ

What is Boudoir Videography?

A) Many reactions to the words Boudoir videography (or even photography) are “Is that porn?!” The answer is simple: NO! Boudoir videos are not pornographic! We don’t shoot distasteful provocative videos here. We merely take Boudoir photography and set it in motion. It is a classy form of sexy videography that allows a women to feel sexy and embrace her femininity while feeling like a Hollywood actress! If you thought Boudoir photography was invigorating, wait until you try it in motion! The best part about a boudoir video experience is that  you don’t need to know how to act or even have ever set foot on a production set. All you have to do is come to the studio and we’ll direct you through the entire process! Not only will you be walked through the entire experience by a female director/camera operator with over 10 years of production and acting experience, you will be dolled up throughout your shoot just like a major Hollywood actress!

Ever wonder how Megan Foxx feels while she’s on-set being exceptionally taken care of while she’s acting? Well no need to wonder any more! Feminine Studios gives you the Ultimate Hollywood Experience and your cast to be the star of an upcoming Hollywood Box Office Hit! The only difference with this film is that only you — and your significant other if you have one — will be invited to its premier!

What do I do with a Boudoir Video?

Here’s a quick tip on what you can do with one of our 30 sec. Boudoir teaser videos:

Plan this one when your expecting him home from either a long day of work or a long business trip.

Set-up a time for when you and your hubby will be alone – no kids – no distractions! Find a TV with a DVD player or set-up one where your hubby will have to pass when he gets home from work, jogging etc. You can decorate the area with sexy things like chocolates, candles rose petals etc. (hey, girls you can be romantic too, let’s give the guys a little break for once 😉 ) Put in your sexy 30 sec. teaser video and put it on pause. Stand out of sight with a remote in hand so that you can be ready to hit the play button when he walks in the door. When he walks in hit play! Now, try to stay hidden, quiet and out of sight until your 30 sec. teaser is finished. The words to be continued will come on the screen and when you hear the video chimes.. pop out from your hiding space, do this in a sexy manner of course – unless you’re the playful type,  wearing the sexy lingerie that you were just seen in on the video.

Watch his jaw drop as he experiences the most exciting coming home present ever. Coming home to you!
When you purchase any of our Boudoir Video Sessions a little idea sheet comes with your DVD to help you figure out the best and most exciting ways to deliver your Boudoir Video gift!

What is Boudoir Photography?

A) Boudoir is the french word for a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room. The word Boudoir derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to be sulky” or in other words to “pout“. In recent years, Boudoir photography has become a new photography trend among women. It is especially popular with brides who partake in a session to surprise their future husbands with the prints. But you don’t have to be engaged, married or even in a relationship to indulge in a Boudoir Session!

Boudoir photography isn’t just about taking sexy photographs to give to your significant other. It’s also an invigorating form of photography that not only makes you feel sexy, but also allows you to embrace your true body and self, young or old, and look past any imperfections that you think you may have. It’s a very empowering experience.

If you have a significant other, the best part about this style of photography is that after you revitalize your sexy-self through one of our sessions, you can either keep the photos as a memory and keepsake of your experience or give them to a significant other to treasure!

Boudoir Quotes

Can I pay for my session in installments?

A) Yes! We offer payment plans to pay for your session in small increments. This can be done with check or credit. This option is great if you really want to do a bigger package and installments make them easier to afford. Once the balance of your session is paid you can then book your session and prepare to be a star!

Will you photoshop me?

A) If you want us to we will! Just ask us about photoshopping. Our techniques used with lighting and our photo processing methods smooth out the skin naturally and most of the photos in our portfolio are surprisingly minimally touched-up — by photoshopping we mean blemish removal, pore minimizing, stretch mark removal, sliming areas and skin smoothing (we don’t like the fake-barbie-doll plastic-look so we don’t do what most photographers do in photoshop! It’s just unnatural and not what a magazine photograph would look like — we do it the right way). Our photographer has an editorial/production background and uses many techniques used in modern magazine retouching and photography in order to make your photos look like they were shot for a magazine such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Maxim. Our techniques are what set us apart from other boudoir photographers and allow us to offer same day viewings.

What is same day viewing?

A)Same day viewing is just that! Same day viewing of your boudoir photos! There are no 2 week wait times at Feminine Studios to view your boudoir photos. These images are fully processed and ready to view 30 minutes to an hour and a half after your session — depending on the session length you have. While we’re processing your photographs for their editorial premier, you can go out for a lunch break or a coffee break and come back the same day to view your prints! We’re one of the only professional boudoir studios that offers this convenience and experience. We are able to offer this exciting amenity due to our professional photography and lighting techniques.

Can I bring a friend along to my boudoir session so Im not as nervous?

A) Of course you can! At Feminine Studios, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible for your boudoir photo session. We have a lounge area that your friend can relax in while flipping through a magazine, watching a flick and sipping on one of our signature femtails (a.k.a cocktails) while she/he waits!

What should I bring to my boudoir session?

A) Bring all of the lingerie or sexy outfits you would be interested in doing your boudoir shoot in and one of our wardrobe stylists will help you pick out the perfect combination. Boudoir is what you make it and we want you to make it your own! So if you want to do a shoot in toe-pajamas, no one’s going to stop you! We have several shoot styles to go with any wardrobe choice and personal preference! Be sure to bring plenty of high heels, accessories, jewelry, hats, scarves, stockings and props to choose from to make your boudoir session truly unique! We won’t use everything you bring, but having more options is always better than too little! We do have a selection of Feminine inspired Lingerie by Me, You & Us at our studio that you can browse through but, please bring your own items because we do not carry all sizes.

If you don’t have a thing to wear no worries! You can visit to purchase directly from the website to receive you items before your shoot! Contact Me, You & Us before your purchase to receive a special Feminine discount!

What are some common reasons for taking Boudoir Photos and Videos?

A) Clients usually give Boudoir photos and videos as presents for weddings (to their fiancé on their wedding night or just before), anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, for soldiers overseas, and for personal achievements such as weight loss, maternity and any form of body change or alteration including breast augmentation or reduction, etc. But, we tell all women to do boudoir photography or videos for the experience and discovery of a sexy new you. “Every woman should experience boudoir once in their lives” – stated one of our clients after her glamourous experience at one of our boudoir parties! And we couldn’t agree more. Boudoir is for you! Embrace your inner sexy and femininity today!

There are endless possibilities when choosing to give your Boudoir Photos of Videos as a gift — we’ll leave it up to you to use your imagination!

Where is Feminine Studios located?

A) Feminine’s Boudoir Photo and Video Studio is seconds away from Central Colorado springs, CO & near downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL. Because we are by appointment only, our address will be e-mailed to you once you book and confirm your appointment.

Note to photographers: Any information mentioned on this page and any other page on our website is copyright. Please do not copy any information from our writings because that is known as plagiarism and plagiarism is a no-no in the law book and it’s just darn right un-cool!