Boudoir Military Photos

IMG_0282Feminine Studios supports our troops and is proud to offer special pricing for members of the military as well as to military wives.

I’m A Military Wife. Why Do Boudoir?

Giving your husband some seductive photos of you while he is deployed offers him something to look forward to upon his return home and while soothing his yearning for you. Equipping him with quality boudoir photos of you to look at every day while in a foreign land can serve as a great psychological boost as well, especially when our photos have the ability to portray an entirely different side of you with which he may not be familiar.

Additionally, some military wives forget what it’s like to feel sexy while their significant other is deployed. A sexy boudoir shoot helps revitalize that feeling.

Our boudoir photography studio in Colorado Springs, CO and Boudoir Studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will cater to your every whim and our specialized rustic sexy set is perfect for photos of wives wearing their husband’s uniform.


I’m In The Military. Why Do Boudoir?

If you’re going away on active duty and want to leave your significant other with a souvenir by which to remember you in your absence, a sexy boudoir photo shoot is perfect. Our female-owned and operated boudoir photography studio in Colorado Springs, CO and boudoir studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida specializes in high-quality boudoir photography, has a special set/background option for members of the military, and will provide a boudoir experience that’s unmatched in the industry! Check out our boudoir photo portfolio and sign up for a session today!

Special Military Deals

Be sure to take advantage of our boudoir packages designed for those in the military or whose significant other is part of the armed forces.

Boudoir Videos, Too!

We also specialize in sexy boudoir videography — the product of choice for men who purchase a session for their wives. Check out what that’s all about here.

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