To-Do’s Before Your Shoot Day


Here is a list of things we suggest doing before your boudoir shoot:

  • Silky smooth — Shave, preferably the day of your boudoir session — or if that is not possible, try to do it the day before your session — so that there is little time for new growth to be seen.
  • Fancy up those nails — Get a nice relaxing manicure/pedicure or treat yourself to an at-homei-cure!
  • Tend to the stragglers — Wax/tweeze eyebrows. The upkeep of your Eyebrows can drastically change your appearance so be sure to have them shaped and sexy before your session!
  • Lather up — Moisturize arms and Legs.
  • Don’t Constrict — The day of your boudoir shoot, try not to wear any tight fitted outfits that may leave indentation marks on your skin.
  • Practice makes perfect — Practice facial expressions in the mirror to get an idea of what looks hot and whats not. Our motto is if it feels uncomfortable, it usually means your doing something right. Try practicing your “Supermodel” look in the mirror. This can be achieved by separating your lips and pouting your bottom lip a bit — we’ll give you more instructions on how to achieve this look in the studio. Every women can do it, they just need a little coaching — trust us!
  • Does this make me look fat? — Try on your lingerie choices before your boudoir shoot. Especially if you haven’t worn the piece in a while. Bring only the items you absolutely love on your figure. And if you have any insecurities — we all have ’em — try wearing pieces that disguise or hide those areas.
  • When in Need — Bring a few bra and panty choices just in case!
  • A girls best friend — Don’t forget your heels! They accentuate and elongate your stunning legs and make for a sexy shot!
  • Make it your own — Bring any props or furry friends (we love dogoir!) that you’d like to be in your boudoir photos to make the shoot your own! We’ve had women bring their husbands favorite baseball cap, their friendly dogs, work-out gear, and so much more! Boudoir is about you and what you love; so have fun with it!
  • Snip, Snip — Be sure to snip the tags out of the lingerie pieces you intend to shoot in. You wouldn’t want those little buggers to make a debut in your photos, now would ya?

Preparing for boudior hair and make-up services:

  • So Fresh and So Clean — Come with a fresh clean face for your make-up application
  • YIKES! — Write down any skin allergies you have and be sure to let the make-up artist know before she begins the application.
  • Blow out — Be sure that your hair is dry and blown out, preferably free of any products.
  • Paint the roots — Touch-up hair roots before your shoot (if needed)
  • Inspiration — Get an idea of the look you’re going for with hair and make-up by searching the web and finding pictures that you can bring to show to the artist.
  • Glam 2.0 — Check out our make-up and hair options at our Build Your Own Pretty page to customize and build your make-up and hair options.