Casual Fridays: How To Make Them Sexy And Successful

06 Jun 2013, Posted by Lizette in Fashion, Femininity, Tips
Liz of Feminine Studios' Outfit Choice for Casual Friday

Liz of Feminine Studios’ Outfit Choice for Casual Friday

We’ve all become familiar with the term “Casual Friday,” and it’s likely become one of our favorites as women. Why? Because it gives us the opportunity to show off our style, of course! Because planning what we’ll wear for the rest of the week can be downright painstaking, it should go without saying that choosing what to wear on Fridays should be pretty simple, right?

Those beloved Casual Fridays are supposed to be easy. So why aren’t they for so many of us? Because the general rule has always been “Well, just look at what your boss wears” — so we’re kind of stuck. And why are we stuck? Because many of us have men as bosses and we can’t go around dressed like men. (Okay, we can–but we might not want to do it every day!) So, what do we do about this problem?

We’ve got you covered here at our Colorado Springs boudoir studio! Check out the following list for some tips on how you can make your Casual Fridays sexy and successful. We know that there’s a good feeling that comes with knowing you’ve pulled off a great look right before the weekend, and we don’t want you to waste it. Why not come in for a boudoir photo shoot?

Sexy & Successful Casual Friday Tips

  • When deciding on a top, chose something that can be worn on any day of the week. Remember, a well-chosen top can be dressed up on a Monday and dressed down a bit for a Friday.
  • Stilettos are fine for the rest of the week, but do you really need them on a Friday? No way! Opt for a regular heel instead. They’re just as sexy and will still give you that air of confidence in the office.
  • Oh, denim! We all love our jeans, right? Of course! While the lighter washes are in and out depending on the season and some of us just love them, grab the darker colors on Friday morning. They’ll make almost any color pop, whether it’s a shirt, shoe, or accessory.
  • Accessorize! Do it! In a world of accessories, there’s bound to be something that’ll make any outfit stand out. We know you can find the perfect piece. Go ahead. Find something you love.

So go ahead, choose that sexy and successful Friday outfit. Then, go out on the town (it is Friday, after all), have fun, and take some sexy photos with your friends!

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