How And Why Your Should Rid Yourself Of Those Self-Defeating Habits

07 Apr 2013, Posted by Lizette in Health, Tips
Beating Self-Defeating Habits

We’ve all done it. We’ve all convinced ourselves we couldn’t do something, go somewhere, keep someone happy, or walk up and talk to someone else. In most cases, there’s no logical reasoning behind this. Why, exactly, can’t we do these things? Are we afraid of failure, of looking stupid, or is it something else? There’s a name for these attitudes, and that name is “self-defeating.” Thinking that we can’t do something before even trying it is self-defeating. By holding on to these attitudes and thoughts, we’re holding ourselves back!

But now the question: How can I steer clear of these self-defeating attitudes and habits?

It’s easier than you might think! The list below has some great tips on how to get started. Take note of them (by bookmarking this page, for instance). Then, get out there and seize the day! Get that sexy boudoir photo shoot in Colorado Springs. Approach the cute guy at work. Take that trip you’ve been thinking about. Get out there and do it!

  • Talk to friends or family and ask them what they really think of your behaviors. Do they see you as possessing self-defeating behaviors? It can be difficult to see those qualities in yourself, so getting a second (or third!) opinion can help identify them. After that, you can work toward ridding yourself of them! Remember, though, don’t get defensive when someone says something you don’t want to hear. You are asking for their opinion. You can’t be angry over something you asked for.
  • Think about how you’ve always wanted your life to be. Write it all down. Then, live that exact life for ten or fifteen minutes every day. If you want a sound, loving relationship with someone, then get out there and act loving toward the people you’re closest to. Buy gifts for family and friends or take them on a weekend road trip. The first step to getting what you want is taking note of what it takes to get there, and then practicing it.
  • Practice patience with yourself! Those of us here at the studio know that it can be hard to not be angry with yourself sometimes. Get over that! It’s fine to be angry at yourself once in a while, but you have to learn to cut yourself some slack, too! It’s been proven that once you’re convinced you’ve done something wrong, you’ll think about it for quite a while. Why not accept that you’ve done something wrong, then start to move past it?

Do you have any tips on getting rid of self-defeating behaviors? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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