Happy Boo-udoir-ween: Meet Living Dead Girl

18 Oct 2012, Posted by Lizette in Boudoir Photography, Featured

Who said zombies can’t boudoir? At Feminine Studios, we’re always pushing the limits of boudoir photography and want to prove that anyone can do boudoir and look great while doing it — even a zombie!

Our latest halloween boudoir challenge is Miss Living Dead Girl! Poor thing was badly beaten-up and in mid-zombie transition when we found her, but we told her not to worry, that we’d make her one of the hottest zombies out there and that she would have amazing photos she could share with her zombie friends and cherish forever (literally)! So we brought her in and made it happen!

Okay, maybe that story is slightly far-fetched, but we did overcome the challenge of making a zombie chick look hotter than ever, even with a little gore. This was actually a rather challenging project in the realm of boudoir because we didn’t want anyone to get grossed out by a themed zombie boudoir shoot such as this one, but we definitly wanted to push it to the limit and take it as far as we possibly could while still retaining a sexy feminine side in the photos. We literally gave her 2 sides in her photographs: Half Zombie, Half Sexy Vixen.

At the end of the day, we believe we succeeded, and would do a shoot like this again in a heartbeat! Special effects make-up is definitely a fun aspect of the style of boudoir photography we can offer to our clients and we’re willing to take your boudoir photos to the next level!

Working with only the best Special Effects (SFX) artist and makeup and hair stylists in the Colorado Springs area, Feminine Studios can make your fantasy boudoir dreams come true!

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