Three Simple Ways To De-Stress!

04 Jun 2012, Posted by Lizette in Featured, Health
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Sometimes, it can be difficult to find the time to de-stress during the day, and those of us here at the studio definitely understand just how busy your days can be — because sometimes we have the same problem! Between work, family time, a social life, and anything else you might have going on, it’s no secret that those things are able to cause stress. Did you know, though, that it’s possible to de-stress by doing a few simple things each day? Take a look at the suggestions list below and give each a try.

Wake up ten to fifteen minutes earlier than you do now

You’re probably wondering why we’re asking you to sacrifice much-needed sleep. Don’t think of it that way! What we’re really doing is asking you to take that ten or fifteen extra minutes each morning and relax. Listen to some of your favorite tunes. Read a few pages of your favorite book. Meditate. Go for a short walk. Relaxation is key here, and by relaxing, you’re not worrying about the rest of your day. Not worrying will translate into a brighter outlook for the day.

Create a list of the positive points about the day or week

Stress gets the better of all of us. And with it comes negative thinking. Get rid of it now! Take a few minutes and write down a list of positive things about the current day or week. Maybe you get to see friends after work one night. Perhaps you’re excited about an upcoming boudoir photography session. Maybe you have a date night planned! Write all of these things down and keep them with you (at your desk, on your phone, etc). Look at them when you’re feeling down and remember the good things!

Take a few deep breaths

Many women overlook this simple and quick way to calm themselves. There are tons of deep breathing exercises that will help you de-stress, but one of the more popular ones is alternative-nostril breathing. Plug one side of your nose and breathe through the open side. Then alternate sides and do it again! Repeat this simple exercise until you begin to feel better. It has been proven that exercises like these work well!
See? It doesn’t have to take an hour (or even a half hour!) to de-stress yourself during a busy day. Use the pointers above or, if you feel a creative itch, come up with your own! Relaxing is important, no matter how busy you are. Keep that in mind and you’ll be having better days in no time!
Written by Kerri Krueger

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