Satisfying Your Inner Geek: The Spider-Man Nail Polish Collection By OPI

16 May 2012, Posted by Lizette in Featured, Femininity, Nail Polish
OPI Nailpolish- Feminine Boudoir Studio

OPI Nailpolish- Feminine Boudoir Studio

It’s no secret that women love nail polish. It’s also no secret that OPI makes some of the best nail polish colors and collections around (and who doesn’t love the names?). We’ve seen everything from a collection of six pretty pastels called the New York City Ballet collection to the new Pure Lacquer Nail Apps and the so very familiar (and popular!) Shatter line.

If you’re a comic fan or just lover superhero movies, then get ready, because OPI is debuting a new polish line that’s sure to satisfy your inner comic geek. The Spider-Man Collection is a line of seven dazzling colors in”spider”ed by the new film The Amazing Spider-Man that will be in theaters on July 3rd. The colors in this line range from white to black and hit everywhere in between (including a shatter), and all of them have the trademark interesting names that we’ve come to expect from OPI:

  • Into the Night – A beautiful and deep semi-sparkly midnight blue; this color is perfect for a late night out
  • Call Me Gwen-Ever – A perfect coral-orange color; not too bright and great for wearing everywhere
  • Your Web or Mine? – A pretty, not-quite-pastel pink. Girly, defined!
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls – White! Not your typical color, but it’s gorgeous and goes with everything
  • Number One Nemesis – A sexy pewter color with a little sparkle — this polish is sure to impress. Like, white, it’s a perfect match with any outfit
  • Just Spotted the Lizard – To bring out your inner reptile, give this color a go. With a sultry yellow-green sparkle, you’ll be noticed in no time
  • Shatter the Scales – Shatter can offer a sexy alternative to a regular polish coat, and this dark teal-green color will look hot over almost any color

OPI will debut the new collection later this month and the colors will be marked at $8.50 a bottle. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your inner geek or are just looking for sexy new polish colors that add that something extra during our sexy boudoir photo shoots in Colorado Springs, be sure to keep an eye out for these. You won’t be disappointed!



-Written by our lovely intern, Kerri Krueger

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