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14 May 2012, Posted by Lizette in Boudoir Photography, Lingerie
Me, You, And Us Lingerie with Feminine Studios

Me, You, And Us Lingerie with Feminine Studios

Boudoir and lingerie almost always go hand in hand, and here at our studio we want you to feel comfortable with your body, no matter what shape or size you are!  Here’s an idea of what to look for when shopping for lingerie if you need to cover or accentuate any problem areas:

  • Hiding the Tummy – Any kind of babydoll slip/chemise that covers the stomach and plays up your cleavage is ideal.  Go for sheer to still show off your skin and pick darker colors for a more slimming effect. If a babydoll look isn’t your thing, try going for a retro lingerie look! High-waisted panties and a lacy vintage bra.
  • Bringing the Curves – Bras with extra padding always help to enhance the bust area, and for undies choose panties (think cheeky panties!) with V-shaped lines in the leg.  This kind draw the eyes over the hips creating the illusion of more curves! Panties with ruffles can also soften a lean figure.
  • Reigning in the Girls –  For big-busted ladies opt for the deep demi cut bra. The wiring will obviously help with support, but the deepness of the bra will still make you feel sexy. Try a minimizer bra if you really want to reduce cup sizes.
  • Minimizing Full Hips – Going back to the babydoll styled slip/chemise… this is a great way to camouflage a bigger lower half while also feeling sexy. Try bright, bold colors and a plunging neckline to distract and lure the eyes!
  • Creating a Bigger Bust – Since smaller chests are able to get away without having an underwire in the bra, try cute bras with deep necklines in fun, lacy colors. Many bras can be purchased that enhance the cup size (even up to two sizes!) — providing a lift and creating cleavage for a voluptuous look!

Use this guide when deciding which lingerie to bring with you for one of our sexy, fun boudoir shoots!**

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