Femininity: What Does It Mean And Why Do We Need It?

29 Mar 2012, Posted by Lizette in Featured, Femininity

After reading through an article on femininity, many questions arose on what femininity actually means. Does it mean looking the part with trendy outfits, perfectly manicured toes, and shiny jewelry every day of the week? Or does it mean participating in all the domestic sensibilities of a 50’s housewife such as cooking, cleaning, ironing, and caring for your family nonstop?

It seems there are many examples (and stereotypes) of what constitutes “being feminine,” but do any of them accurately represent femininity, or are they just the perceived notion of what society has deemed appropriately “feminine”?

Nevertheless, many women try to fit a particular mold because they want to feel acceptance, love, perfection… the list goes on. But maybe we are looking at this all wrong. Self-love and self-realization are abstracts that women (and men) are taught at young ages, but how many of us actually practice them?

Caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most of us forget ourselves and then the years slip away until we wake up one morning and realize life is no longer exciting and the spark behind our eyes has faded long ago. You are a stranger to yourself.

Is there a way to prevent this? Of course! And it’s never too late to become friends with yourself again. To do this you must take the time to reacquaint yourself with your true self — flaws and all. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions; cry when you are sad, feel the pain when you are angry. Acknowledge those feelings. Do something that makes YOU happy! Whether it’s dancing in your panties to techno music while no one’s around, taking some sexy boudoir snapshots to boost your confidence or getting a pedicure by yourself on a Tuesday afternoon, or even watching the sun rise over a gorgeous landscape and you are your only company, it doesn’t matter because you are doing it for you! Pamper yourself, if you can; if you can’t, do something else.

But does doing any of these things actually make you more feminine? It is when you are unapologetically yourself that you finally show the world your femininity! When you accept and love who you are, then you are able to send your positive energy out to others drawing them to you as if by spell. All the great icons had that positive energy: Marilyn, Audrey, Sofia, Raquel. And of course, no one would disagree that they weren’t feminine in each their own way.

“Femininity… is an energy that you give to others.”

“Femininity is what you show to the world through your actions when you no longer feel like you are not enough.”

You create your own femininity. You give out the energy that you are radiant, happy, fun, beautiful, flawed, and real only when you accept and love every inch of yourself, physically and mentally. Realize too that it will always be an ongoing journey so please be kind to yourself. The journey goes by so fast, after all, so let’s make the best of it while we can.

Feel free to share ways how you let yourself tap into your femininity! How do you pamper yourself? How do you make yourself feel sexy? Any tips or advice you would give to someone struggling to find their femininity?

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