You Don’t Have To Wear Lingerie To Be Or Feel Sexy!

25 Feb 2012, Posted by Lizette in Boudoir Photography, Featured, Lingerie
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There are a lot of preconceived notions about boudoir. One of the most common fears we find in talking to women is that they’re afraid to be photographed in only lingerie for reasons that include being too shy or not happy with their physique.

Well, as we tell all of the beautiful women that stroll through our doors, Boudoir is what you’re comfortable with. So, if you’re most comfortable in your pajamas, come on in and we’ll create a playful boudoir shoot for you, your preferences and comfort level! Boudoir really is about being comfortable with yourself — and during the process embracing your femininity as well as finding that inner sexy that we all posses.

At Feminine, you choose the style of the boudoir shoot: you can choose from Sexy Hollywood (“hot”, like out of a men’s magazine such as Maxim), Inner Beauty (not too suggestive and more clothed), Pin-up Star (cute & sexy), Playful (fun & girly), or Romantic Superstar (sexy).

To prove that you can be sexy in more clothes than less, we’ve added a gallery of some of our Inner Beauty style shoots below!

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Come in to our Colorado Springs Boudoir Studio to embrace your Inner Beauty today!

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