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Over 780 Boudoir Sessions To Date!

Feminine Studios is a full-service, female-operated, Boudoir studio. We’re the only studio that treats it’s clients like real VIP Celebrities! We specialize in editorial-style Boudoir Photography, one-of-a-kind Boudoir Videos and glamorous Make-up & Hair styling. Feminine Studios is not just another Boudoir company.

Be Beautiful. Be a Star.

Our mission at Feminine is to provide a variety of services that empower women and their femininity while making them feel like a Sexy Hollywood Star; so that they can feel confident and beautiful every day! “Every woman is a star and deserves to twinkle” – and that’s why Feminine Studios was created! When you come join us in our one-and-only Hollywood Boudoir Experience, we make you a celebrity in the eyes of yourself or your significant other!

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Boudoir Photography

Many people ask “what exactly is Boudoir Photography”? Well, we’d like to point out that boudoir photography isn’t just about taking sexy photographs to give to your significant other. It’s an invigorating form of photography for women that not only gives you confidence and makes you feel sexy, it allows you to embrace your true body and self, young or old, big or small, and look past any imperfections that you think you may have. We are all beautiful and we deserve to embrace it!

Not only do we make you extremely comfortable, we allow you to find your true self and let it be captured in a photograph.

Feminine Studios turns your boudoir photography session into a high-fashion editorial shoot. With over 1500 SQFT. of shooting space and over 10 unique sets to choose from, Feminine Studios is the Candyland of Boudoir Studios in Colorado!

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Boudoir Videography

No where in the world can you dress up, get dolled up and be asked to make your big cinematic debut. Unless you’re a Celebrity in Hollywood of course. Now, at Feminine Studios, we make that dream a reality! Feminine Studios is the only Boudoir studio that offers Cinematic quality films that you become the star of! You don’t have to know how to act because you will be directed by an award winning director with over 10 years of experience in acting and directing. Make the film for yourself or your significant other! We’ll give you several ideas on what to do with your films!

Our cinematic experience is classy and NOT pornographic. We are simply setting boudoir photography in motion with well thought out and scripted concepts.

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Client Testimonial

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.38.59 PM
We know that you may have a few hesitations about doing Boudoir, but we want to assure you that although you may come in with a few nerves, you will leave with a ton of confidence. Boudoir is a form of female empowerment that builds self-esteem. This cannot be accomplished if the mood and atmosphere isn’t just right.

It is our job at Feminine Studios to make sure that your experience is nothing but the best. This is why our goal is to treat you like the most famed people on earth, celebrities! The experience makes a boudoir session and we do our best to provide The Ultimate Hollywood Boudoir Experience! Check out this client testimonial to see just how we make

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Our Services

  • Classy Boudoir Videography
  • Bridal Boudoir Photography
  • Pin up Photography
  • Glamour Boudoir Videography
  • Plus Size Boudoir Photography
  • Vintage Boudoir Photography
  • Burlesque Photography
  • Tasteful Boudoir Photography
  • Unique Studio Sets
  • Studio Dedicated Only To Boudoir Photo & Video
  • Professional Boudoir Video & Photo Sets
  • Black and White Boudoir Photos
  • Pin up Videography
  • Makeover & Achievement Photo & Video Shoots
  • Lingerie Photography & Portraits
  • Sexy & Sultry Video Shoots
  • Custom Boudoir Film Creation
  • Boudoir Location Scouting
  • Canvas Creation
  • Themed Shoots
  • Custom Gift Boxes and Packaging
  • Sexy & Sultry Photo Shoots
  • Plus Size Boudoir Videography
  • Commercial & Print Boudoir Photography
  • Custom Boudoir & Lingerie Album Creation
  • Custom Boudoir DVD & Slideshow Creation
  • Boudoir Prints
  • Unique Boudoir in Motion
  • Beautiful Makeup and Hair Styling